solar design & install

With energy costs continuing to rise. Let us advise you on how to reduce these costs by installing a Solar System. We can design and install a system that is best suited for your energy consumption. NQ Power Solutions use high-quality solar panels and inverters to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability custom to our climate in the Far North Queensland. We also repair, upgrade, and maintain any existing system to ensure the longevity and efficiency to give you the maximum performance and output. For any enquiries, contact the team today.

energy saving solutions

Is your power bill to high? NQ Power Solutions can advise on cost cutting options to reduce your energy usage. For a basic description, this can be achieved by solar installation, LED lighting upgrades, controlled power circuits and appliances. If you would like a further detailed discussion, please contact us today and arrange an energy consultation.

Smoke alarm compliance, installation, and maintenance

NQ Power Solutions will keep you protected and up to date with smoke alarm compliance testing and installations. The Queensland smoke alarm legislation specifies that every Queensland dwellings are required to have photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, and hallways that connect bedrooms, and interconnected with rest of the dwelling on every level. All 240V smoke alarms are required to be connected by a licenced electrician. These standards are to be up to date by 2022 for all properties leased or sold and 2027 for owner occupied. NQ Power solutions can test and maintain your smoke alarms each year and supply a compliance certificate, so you have a record of maintenance.